How do I file or start a name change? What are the fees for a Name Change? Do I need consent to change my minor child's name?

If you are changing your name due to a marriage, it is not necessary to complete a name change packet.  You may go to the local social security office and DMV with a certified copy of your marriage license to update/change your name.

We have Adult, Child and Family name change packets available on our website under the self help center. The filing fee for each is $400.

***Must be done in the County where you reside***

Prior to filing a name change petition you should go to the Sheriff's office to have your fingerprints taken.  The sheriff's office will process your fingerprint card. 

Once fingerprints have been taken go to You will need a credit card and the copy of the finger print card provided to you from the technician at the sheriff's office. Follow the instructions to enter the transaction control number.  The fee for this process is currently $43.25 and is charged by FDLE for the criminal record search required for name changes.

Both legal parents must consent to a minor child's name change.

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