How can I pay my foreclosure bid deposit fees (5%) and/or my successful bid amount? Who do I may payment payable to?

The 5% Foreclosure bid deposits may be paid in person via cash, money order or cashier's (bank) check - payable to Okaloosa County Clerk of Court. Please have the bid number available when submitting your payment.

You may also pay your bid via wire transfer.  Information regarding wire transfers may be located on our website on the home page by selecting the green Foreclosure Sales button. This link will take you to the real foreclose website, in the top right corner is a "contact us" link - you may select the link to speak to someone at real foreclose who can provide you all of the necessary information.  You may also find helpful information by clicking on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) link located next to the contact us field on the clerk's website.

The above steps may also be followed for successful bidder balance payments.

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