What's my next step in the eviction process once the Judge signs the Order? How can I request a Writ of Possession in my eviction case?

If the tenants are still in the property after you receive the judgment you may request a writ of possession from the clerk's office. If you evicted a trailer from your property, you must wait ten (10) business days from the file date of the Final Judgment to request the writ of possession.  

You may request a writ be issued by contacting the clerk's office via telephone or by US Mail. To request via telephone, you must have an email address on file in your case to allow the issuing clerk to email you the writ.  Once issued, you must supply the writ to the Sheriff for service.

Once the writ is issued, the sheriff will charge $90 for the service of the writ. The writ allows the tenants 24 hours to vacate the property. If the tenant refuses to vacate, the sheriff will accompany the landlord to the property and transfer possession.

You may review additional information at: http://www.okaloosaclerk.com/index.php/court-services/33-landlord-tenant

*If there is an attorney representing a party on the case they will prepare the Writ.*

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