What is an unlawful detainer?

Please review: 

Ch. 82 Forcible Entry and Unlawful Detainer 

F.S. 82.045 Remedy for unlawful detention by a transient occupant of residential property

An unlawful detainer case may be filed when:

*    Unlawful detainer is used to remove a person or persons who occupy your real property but do not hold title to that property

*    The property must be located within Okaloosa County (to file in Okaloosa County)

*    The individual(s) occupying the property are not tenants

Additional information and a pro se packet may be located on our website. www.okaloosaclerk.com > Court Services > Landlord-Tenant

This is not an eviction.  The filing fee for this case type is $300.00 plus $10 per summons for issuance. 

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