I'm calling from an attorney's office about the submission of a level 2 background check from FDLE for guardianship. How can I tell if the information has been received?

When an attorney calls in reference to a level two background check from FDLE in a guardianship case, first ask for the local case number. 

If you are able to locate a local case number, as an employee of the clerk's office you should see a red docket titled:  "FDLE RECORDS SEARCH (*NAME OF PROSPECTIVE GUARDIAN.*)"  This is non-public information and even the attorney of record will not be able to see this docket as a registered user.  However, you may confirm whether or not we are in receipt of the item.  This is the only information you may share. 

If you do not see this information within the docket, obtain the names of the parties considered and inquire with Vicki Jackson.  If Vicki Jackson is not available, you may contact Kim Bryan as your point of contact.  

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