What is a Guardianship Advocate? Can I file for Guardian Advocate?

A guardian advocate is a person appointed by written order of the court to represent a person with a developmental disability under section 393.12 of the Florida Statutes.

Florida Statute 393.12(1)b - A person who is being considered for appointment or is appointed as a guardian advocate need not be represented by an attorney unless required by the court or if the guardian advocate is delegated any rights regarding property other than the right to be the representative payee for government benefits.

Although you may file for guardian advocate without representation of legal counsel, the clerk of court does not provide pro se filing forms or packets for this case type.  If you choose to act as your own attorney, it will be your responsibility to prepare all of the required pleadings and to bring the case to its final conclusion.  The clerk's office is unable to provide you with legal advice and will accept your documentation. NOTE:  If the court deems your documents as not legally sufficient, your case may be dismissed and the filing fees are non-refundable.

The filing fee for guardian advocate is $235.00

The filing fee for guardianship is $400.

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