What is the Value Adjustment Board (VAB)? What is the deadline to file a Petition for the Value Adjustment Board?

The Value Adjustment Board is a role the clerk to the board of county commissioners are engaged with for petitioners to file an appeal as to the Property Valuations.  

Detailed information may be obtained on the clerk's website at: www.okaloosaclerk.com then clicking on Finance Services and Value Adjustment Board.

The deadline to file a petition is 25 days after the property appraiser mails out the notice of proposed taxes (TRIM notice) to all county property owners and is noted at the bottom of the notice.

You may locate the necessary form(s) at:

https://floridarevenue.com/property/Pages/Forms.aspx - Value Adjustment Board Forms and Calendar

https://floridarevenue.com/property/Documents/dr486.pdf - DR-486 - Petition to the Value Adjustment Board Request for Hearing 

The petition and fees may be submitted to the clerk's office for forwarding to Board of County Commissioner Finance Dept.  The fee is $15 per parcel and a separate petition for each is required. Personal checks, money orders and cashier's checks are accepted for these petitions, however no credit or debit cards can be accepted. Payment should be made payable to: Okaloosa County Board of County Commissioners

Petitions may also be mailed directly to:

Okaloosa County Clerk of Circuit Court and Comptroller
101 East James Lee Blvd Ste 282
Crestview, FL 32536

For questions regarding the Value Adjustment Board you may contact either Mary Carson at 850-689-5000 ext. 3412 or Renee Ramirez at 850-689-5000 ext. 3432

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