How do I process or record a deed and what are the fees? (Quit Claim, Warranty etc.) I want to quit claim my property to my LLC or to a trust, what are the fees to record?

If you wish to transfer ownership, remove or add a name to a piece of property you will need a new deed document. There are several types of deed forms that may be utilized, if you are unsure as to the proper form, please contact a real estate attorney. A title company may also be able to assist you.

The grantor (the person who the property is currently assessed) must prepare the document and it must meet Florida Statute Recording requirements: Must have a preparation statement (who prepared the document - name and address); Must have a grantor and a grantee; a legal description of the property that is being deeded; The grantor's signature must be witnessed by two people signed, printed and Notarized. NOTE: if the notary is outside the state of Florida, witnesses do not have to be printed.

Filing Fee: $10 for the first page/ $8.50 for each after, we index 4 names at no additional charge.  Should the names exceed four it is an additional $1.00 per name.

Doc Stamps are assessed for any property where a mortgage is owed or if money has changed hands between the parties.  

For outstanding mortgages - half of the amount due will be assessed doc stamps at .70 per every $100 rounding to the next $100. 

If no outstanding mortgage and no money exchanged hands, doc stamps are assessed at minimal rate .70. 

If money exchanged hands, but no mortgage doc stamps are assessed on the amount of money that was exchanged .70 per every $100 and rounded to the next $100.

If the deed is pursuant to dissolution of marriage and was the marital home, minimal doc stamps are assessed (.70) providing the deed indicates that exchange is pursuant to dissolution of marriage.

Blank deeds may be found at office supply stores (Office Depot, Staples), real estate attorneys or researched online.

There is not a deadline to file this form.

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