How do I register to view images of cases? How do I obtain online access to a case?

If you are a registered user or attorney of record and are unable to view document images to a case you are assigned, check your browser compatibility.

Internet Explorer 11 users - Click on the gear in the top right corner of your explorer window > Select Compatibility View Settings > Click 'Add'. Once the website has been added to the compatibility view click close.  You should now be able to see images.

If you are still unable to view images, click the link below and enter your login information.  This link will advise if your login is current and active.

If after completing these steps you are still unable to view a document, the cause may be the confidentiality and redaction process required.  Please attempt to view the document again at a later time.

To register for viewing images online go to Click the 'Court Records' link, just above the 'Accept/Decline' buttons and select the Okaloosa County Access Agreement form.  Complete the form and email to  NOTE:  It may take up to 3 business days for your access to be activated. You will be notified via encrypted email of your user name and password.

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