What is a Tax Certificate? What are Tax Deed Sales? How may I participate in a Tax Deed Sale?

***We state that tax certificates are sold, but we don't answer the first question, which is what is a tax certificate***

Tax Certificates are sold each year by the Tax Collector on property taxes that have become delinquent.  Typically, the sale takes place on June 1st.

Tax Deed sales are held when property taxes have not been paid on property after waiting 2 years or more from the sale of a tax certificate.

******We don't answer how to participate in tax deed sales. They can do this through https://okaloosa.realtaxdeed.com/ *******

You may find more detailed information regarding Tax Certificates and Tax Deed Sales on our website at: www.okaloosaclerk.com > Tax Deed Sales or by contacting the Okaloosa County Tax Collector's office at 850-689-5700.

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