What is a Notice of Action? Do we send the Notice of Action to the newspaper? How can I file a Notice of Action? What is required to file a Notice of Action?

A notice of action is a document issued (not prepared) by the clerk.  This document is submitted by the filer to the newspaper for publication and is used when normal service of documents is unable to be accomplished.

The clerk will provide the notice of action to the newspaper ONLY if the party filing the Notice of Action has provided us with sufficient copies of the notice of action, a copy for each person being noticed of the documents otherwise served and postage paid envelope(s) for the clerk to forward to all parties including the newspaper.

Copies of pleadings are required for Noticed parties only and should be supplied by the requestor along with envelopes with sufficient postage for mailing. 

Newspapers publish only the notice.

NOTE:  Due to the requirements of the Clerk's Certificate of Compliance of Mailing, Notice of Actions are now to be E-filed through the Florida E-filing portal.  All paper copies must still be sent to the Clerk's via mail.

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