How and when is money disbursed out of the court registry?

The clerk can only disburse money from the registry if there is a court order or if it is dictated by Florida statute.


In an eviction, if a tenant has deposited money into the court registry those monies will be disbursed once a hearing is held or after the Judge enters an order instructing the clerk to disburse the funds.

Disbursement checks are processed and sent every Friday and are mailed to the address indicated on the order.


A certificate of disbursement will be prepared when the certificate of title is issued - 10 days after the certificate of sale is issued in the case. A registry disbursement payment will be issued pursuant to a certificate of disbursement.

If there is a surplus the clerk will be able to provide you the balance listed in the registry tab. A motion for distribution of surplus funds must be filed within 60 days of the sale date. A court order will direct the disbursement of any surplus funds from the registry.


Any other registry deposits will be disbursed according to a court order.

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