Can I contest my driver school election? I elected to take the traffic school (basic driver improvement) and have changed my mind, what can I do?

If you elected to take the driver improvement course AND 90 days from the date of election have NOT passed, you may contact the clerk of court and advise that you do not wish to take the course.  An $18 cancellation fee will be assessed plus additional costs. All fees must be paid in order to avoid suspension of your driver's license. Payment may be made in person, by US Mail, on our website at or via telephone through our third party vendor nCourt at 1-855-893-7926.

Cancellation of the basic driver improvement course will cause points to be added to your driver's license based on the statute listed on the citation.

Failure to provide the completion certificate within 90 days of electing to attend the driver improvement course will result in the suspension of your driver's license and additional costs.  To reinstate your license, the additional costs fee must be paid. Costs may vary depending upon your civil penalty of your offense.

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