What steps do I need to take to evict a tenant?

Instructions and forms are available on our website or at either office location.


A residential landlord/tenant action applies to the rental of non-commercial dwelling unit with or without a rental agreement.  It involves an action filed by a landlord against a tenant or tenant against a landlord for common disputes dealing with payment of rent and/or non-compliance or breach of a lease or rental agreement.

Chapter 83 of the Florida Statutes provides general information on landlord/tenant actions.

There are four types of notices given to tenants for evictions.  Each one is very specific in what it requires.  The clerk is unable to advise as to which notice should be given.

Once you have posted your notice and the required time has passed, you will bring to the Clerk's office the filing fees of $185 plus $10 per summons, your complaint, along with copies of the notices, and copies of your written agreement if there is one.

If you are not the owner/landlord you may seek possession of the property for non-payment of rent ONLY.

OPTIONAL:  For Okaloosa County service, you may pay the Okaloosa Sheriff service fee of $40 per summons to the clerk's office and we will email the summons and all required documents directly to the Okaloosa sheriff for service.

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