My child's father/mother will not return my child to me, what can I do? I live out of state, can I have my child picked up? How do I file an Emergency Child Pick up? What is the Abuse Hot line number?

Do you believe your child to be in danger? If Yes, please call the Abuse Hot Line immediately at 1-800-962-2873 for assistance.

If you have an existing Okaloosa county case you may file a Motion for Emergency Child Pick-up.  If the case has been closed for more than 90 days from the initial closing order or more than 30 days from the last closing order a $50 reopen fee will apply. NOTE: If you case is pending in Okaloosa county there are no filing fees assessed.

If you do NOT have an Okaloosa county case, the filing fee for this motion is $300 and you will be required to supply a certified copy of any out of county or out of state order that allows you custody of the child as well as the Motion for Emergency Child pick up packet.  If you are the natural parent and have no previous court orders, you may file the case for the $300 filing fee.

Upon entry of the order by the court, you will need to deliver the order to the Sheriff with a $90 fee. 

The packet may be found on our website under the self-help link.  NOTE:  Please read all instructions carefully before filing to ensure proper venue.

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