Guardianship Information: Filing fees, audit fees etc.

Filing fees: for Guardianship are as follows:

               Person Only                                                   $235

               Property Only                                                $400

               Person &Property                                         $400

                Pre-need Guardian                                        No Filing Fee

           NOTE: Per Florida Statute Probate & Guardianship Cases must be filed by an attorney with the following exceptions: Disposition of Personal Property; Caveat; Notice of Trust and Petition for Guardian Advocate.  The clerk’s office has forms for Pro Se filing of Disposition of Personal Property, Caveat by Creditor and Caveat by Interested Party – all are available on the clerk’s website under the “Probate” link.

How much are the audit fees for Verified Inventory and Annual Accountings:

Verified Inventory (End value $25,000 or more) $85.00

Accounting (End value less than $25,000)    $20.00

Accounting (End value $25,000-$100,000)    $85.00

Accounting (End value $100,100-$500,000)    $170.00

Accounting (End value more than $500,000)    $250.00


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