How do I appeal a dangerous dog classification from Paws?

(This is to appeal the classification from paws ONLY not to appeal the "CO" citation.)


If you are the owner of the dog and you do not agree with the CO citation as to the “dangerous dog classification.” You may come in to appeal the classification. 

NOTE:  This is not an appeal of the actual “CO” case. To appeal the CO case you would file an actual appeal and pay appeal fees in the CO case.

When filing the appeal of the dangerous dog classification you will need to provide us with the following information: owners name, address, email address, & phone number (this can be written on your notice). We will also need the letter from PAWS “dangerous dog classification notice” and a typed or written notice of appeal of dangerous dog classification & you must also complete a situs designation form.

The filing fee for this case type is $400.

Once the case has been established, you will contact the assigned Judge to set the matter for a hearing.

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