What will happen if I fail to appear for criminal court?

If you fail to appear at any scheduled court event the judge can order a bench warrant for your arrest. The judge that signs the bench warrant will decide if a bond amount is to be set, or to specify that you are to be held in jail and prohibited from bonding out.

It may be possible for the Clerk's office to reschedule your court date provided the court event that you failed to appear for was a misdemeanor arraignment, traffic arraignment, or an order to show cause hearing.

The Clerk's office can reschedule you for these types of court events ONLY. However, any issued bench warrant for failing to appear at the original court date will remain outstanding. On the new court date, the judge will address the issue of the bench warrant and failure to appear along with the original charge.

For any other types of court appearances that you failed to appear you will need to turn yourself in at the jail and bond out, or contact your attorney or probation officer.

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