I cannot make my court date, can I appear by phone? (Civil case)

In Civil cases, you may appear by telephone upon Judge's approval.  

You will need to file a written request to appear via telephone at your hearing. The decision to allow telephonic appearance is at the Judge's discretion.

Once your request has been docketed into your case you may contact:

A. When no attorney is listed on the case for either party: 

    The Plaintiff or Defendant should contact the Judge's office directly at 850-609-4700.

(If the case type is for Family Law, contact the Pro Se Case Manager Chris Monroe, 850-609-5495. You will need to leave a message with your name, case number, and a daytime telephone number where you may be reached.)


B. When attorney's are representing any party:

    It is the responsibility of the attorney's office to contact the Judge's office presiding over the case.

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