What is a Writ of Execution? How do I file a Writ of Execution?

A writ of execution is Judicial enforcement of a money judgment usually by seizing and selling the judgment debtors property.

A writ of execution may not be issued until the time for filing a motion for new trial or rehearing has expired (10 days after the judgment is entered) and may not be issued if an appeal has been filed and a supersedeas bond has been posted. Additionally, if a suggestion of bankruptcy has been filed in the court case, the clerk cannot issue a writ of execution (unless proof of discharge of bankruptcy is filed in the case).

A motion is not required for a writ of execution to be issued, however the clerk's office does not prepare the writ.

If you are a Pro se filer (not represented by an attorney), you may file the writ in paper or via the Florida E-filing portal.

Attorneys should file writs via the Florida E-filing portal.

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