Can I request copy/copies of documents: i.e. final judgment, deed, DD214, Last Will & Testament(deposited or filed)?

Yes.  You can request files online, via email, or in person.

NOTE:  Copies provided by the Clerk of Court will adhere strictly to Florida Statutes and Florida Rule 2.420 regarding confidentiality of documents

Official Records assigned a Book and Page number: 

Visit to receive an electronically certified document via email if filed after 1983.  NOTE: Exclusions: Death Certificates, Separation documents (DD214) and Adoption Orders. 

Fees are $2 plus $1 per page and may be paid utilizing a Credit or Debit card.

Court Records NOT assigned a Book and Page number:

You may visit, select Okaloosa County and follow the onscreen prompts. This service will email you an electronically certified copy of your requested document(s).

If you require a wet or raised seal, please email your request to You will receive a reply email indicating the associated fees and instructions for obtaining the document(s) you've requested.  

   NOTE:  Our system is not set up to respond to requests for read receipts.


  • DD214: This is a military form indicating prior service information.  If you are not the person listed on the DD214 you may obtain a redacted copy. Un-redacted copies may be available from the original source.  
  • Fees for certified copies are $2 plus $1 per page. 
    • If your request is made by mail the holder of the confidential information (the person listed on the DD214) may submit a notarized request in order to obtain an un-redacted copy. The request should include any pertinent information that allows the clerk to locate the requested document (Name, Document Type, etc.)  
    • For mailed requests, a self-addressed stamped envelope should be included.
    • Last Will & Testament - You may purchase a copy of a last will and testament for $1 per page plus an additional $2 for certification. 
  • We do not accept personal checks for payment

If you are unsure of names and/or dates for the document you are requesting additional fees may apply as follows:  $2 per Year, per Name searched, and $7 for a certificate of finding. The certificate of finding will include any located documents along with page counts and appropriate fees for copies.

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