Can I get a case disposition or verify a date of birth over the phone, by email or public record request? Can the clerk's office review a case over the telephone? What is the process for a public record request regarding the Okaloosa county Board of County Commissioners, who do I contact?

We are unable to verify case dispositions or dates of birth over the telephone, by email or by public record request.

You may go to our website at > Court Records Online.  Just above the "accept/decline" button there is an Okaloosa County Access Agreement.  By completing and submitting the agreement you will be able to view non-confidential information and documents within public records cases.

Public Record Request

All requests for public records of Okaloosa County Board of County Commissioners should be directed to the following custodian of Public Records:

Laura Porter 850-689-5977 or fax 850-689-5973 Email:

Prior to contacting please visit the link below:

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