How can I collect on a Judgment from out of State/County? (Domesticating Foreign Judgment) transfer/register/domesticate a case to Okaloosa County? How do I transfer or domesticate a case from Okaloosa County to another county or State?


If you have a final judgment in another County or State:

If the Judgment is for money: a certified/exemplified copy of the Final Judgment will need to be recorded in Okaloosa County's Official Records along with an Affidavit indicating current addresses for attorneys and all parties. The recording fees are $42. 

30 days from the date of recording, a petition may be filed to domesticate. A petition to modify may also be filed at this time.

The filing fees are $300 (county: judgment amount of $15,000 or less), $400 (county: judgment amount of over $15,000 and up to $30,000) or $400 (circuit: judgment amounts of over $30,000). 

If the Judgment is for a family law case: a certified copy of the Final Judgment attached to a Petition to Domesticate will be needed to initiate a new Florida case, the filing fee is $300. 

****You should seek legal counsel to assist you in filing foreign judgments as the clerk's office does not have pro se forms for these types of cases and we are unable to provide legal advice***


To transfer a case to Okaloosa County from another county or state you will need to file a motion and obtain an order from the county where the case is currently filed.  Once an order granting the transfer is entered, you will need to provide that county with payment for the Okaloosa County case.  The county where the case is being transferred from will forward your case to Okaloosa County along with your filing fee.  Transfer case filing fees are dependent on the amount of the claim, these fees are outlined in the filing fee schedule Pending cases having never been closed will be assessed our standard filing fees. 

Out of County or State:

To transfer an Okaloosa county case to another county or state requires a court order. 

To domesticate an Okaloosa county case in another county or state, contact the clerk's office where you want to domesticate your judgment to obtain their procedures.

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