What are the counter-petition/Counter-claim fees in a civil case? Can I file a counter-claim/counter-petition in an eviction?

DR - $295

CA - $395 (unless its a foreclosure case in which you pay a graduated filing fees based on value of claim: < $50,000.00 is 395.00 / > $50,000.00 but < than $250,000.00 is $900.00 / > $250,000.00 is $1,900.00)

SC - $295 (if the initial SC statement of claim AND counter claim together total < $2,500.00 there is no filing fee for the counter claim. If the counter claim is > $2,500.00 OR if the counter claim brings the initial claim amount to > $2,500.00 the fee is $295.00)

CC - $295 (unless the counter is over $15,000.00 in which the counter claim would be used to open up a CA case and the filing fee of $400.00 would be charged)

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