Mechanics Lien

This is filed when a shop owner is trying to obtain a title to a vehicle that has been abandoned usually at the shop where work has been performed and the bill has not been paid. 

The person wishing to file must obtain a packet from the Tax Collectors office and complete the required actions (publishing, notification, etc). Once all of the actions have been completed the packet and documents are brought to the clerk's office to be filed. 

The plaintiff is the one trying to get title to the vehicle (it should be the business name or individual shop owner's name), the defendant is the owner of the vehicle.

The filing fee is $10. 

Once filed, the clerk will provide a certified copy of the certificate of compliance and the report of sale. The certified documents will need to be provided to the Okaloosa Tax Collector who may then provide the title to the vehicle.

For any other type of lien the clerk's office will record the document you provide, however, we are unable to advise as to forms, format or legality.  You may wish to seek legal advice if you are unsure of the proper documentation to record.

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