Why is my DUI sentence suspension and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) suspension different? Why is my DUI suspension different on my record?

DUI suspension  (6 months or 12 months for example) and defendant also had a period of incarceration along with the conviction on the DUI:

DMV defaults the suspension on the driving record to “indefinite revocation” instead of the period of time that was actually sentenced.

The DOC (Department of Corrections) or the Sheriff will inform the DHSMV of the release date and at that time the DHSMV updates the record accordingly.  The suspension/revocation is applied to the record after the release from incarceration. 

This is why the driving record will show an indefinite revocation instead of the 6 month suspension when the defendant has any jail time for the conviction of the DUI.

 Reference: Florida Statute 322.283

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