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If your request to perform community service in lieu of payment of fines and costs has been granted. There are specific rules and guidelines that you must follow to be given credit for any community service work you perform.

You will be given credit for your service at the rate of current minimum wage per hour. The work you perform must be for no pay or compensation in any way.

You must complete the hours needed, obtain proof of your hours and deliver the proof to the Clerk of Court on or before your due date.

The community service agency supervising the person shall record the number of hours of community service completed and the date the community service hours were completed. Per Florida Statute 318.3(a)The community service agency shall submit the data to the Clerk of Court on the letterhead of the community service agency, which must also bear the notarized signature of the person designated to represent the community service agency. All community service hours submitted will be subject to review and approval prior to application toward outstanding requirements.

Community service agency means a not-for-profit corporation, community organization, or charitable organization which agrees to accept community service and provide proof of hour performed as required above.

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