How can I obtain an Exemplified Copy?

exemplified copy, authenticated copy

To obtain an Exemplified or Authenticated Copy, a request may be placed through listing the case number and items required.

The fees are:  $7.00 for Certificate of Exemplification and $1.00 per page for each document being copied.

The Certificate of Exemplification will ultimately record the specific title of each document, the corresponding docket number or date of filing if one is not available, and in certain cases, the book and page location of record for applicable items.  The Deputy Clerk will prepare this certificate and copies of all requested items for the appropriate Judge to review and sign.  The completed Exemplified Copy will be mailed from the Judge's office.

For Clerk Use Only;  See PowerDMS for examples of the Exemplification Certificate.  (6116-3 for Circuit Civil, 6116-4 for Criminal, and 6116-5 for County Civil)

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