Can I view Official Records, Deeds or Deed Books online?

Yes, we offer multiple viewing options.


For documents recorded after 1983 access may be gained by accessing the clerk's website > Records Services > Search Official Records and enter your search criteria.

NOTE:  Due to confidentiality guidelines some documents may not be viewable via the web.


For documents recorded prior to 1983 and for documents not viewable via the web, you may:

     1. Come in to either of the Clerk's office locations and utilize the Self-Help computers.

     2. You may also try utilizing the Alpha Index to locate the book and page of the document you are searching.  Once located you may then enter the book and page into the search criteria for viewable access.

NOTE:  Due to confidentiality guidelines and age some documents may not be viewable via the web.

Copies may be obtained by emailing your request to whereupon you will receive a responsive email indicating the cost for the requested copies as well as instructions. Copies may also be obtained from our Customer Service departments.

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