I am military and we are stationed outside of Florida but are Florida residents. Can we file for divorce in FL and can we e-file the paperwork?

As long as one or both of the parties has been a Florida resident for at least 6 months the divorce can be filed in Florida. You will have to file a regular dissolution not simplified (because you are not stationed here and both parties would be required to attend a court hearing for a simplified). You will have to follow the instructions provided with the forms on the website and as long as neither party hires an attorney the pro-se case manager will oversee the case to ensure all required paperwork is filed.

In order to be able to e-file the forms, you will need to set up an account to become a online user. Please note you must have access to a scanner to be able to do so. Registration may be done at: http://www.okaloosaclerk.com/index.php/court-services/70-efiling

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